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Final Week Basketball Challenge

Finally all the weekly challenges are finished! By comparing the data from each week, my statistics (rate of shooting) obviously increased, which showed my shooting ability and layup ability both enhanced. I feel that using the knowledge gained from EDCI335 is crucially helpful to my overall growth in learning basketball. I will also apply the things I learned from this class to learning other skills in the future.

Here is my statistics for both last week and this week:

3-pointers Jump shotsLayups
DAY1 last week65/10077/10071/100
DAY2 last week72/10071/10085/110
DAY1 this week75/10079/10088/100
DAY2 this week66/10067/10072/100
DAY3 this week71/10076/10078/100

According to the table above, my 3-pointers rate of shooting is around 69.8%. My average for jump shots percentage is 74%. My layup rate stays around 80%.

What worked well

There are three aspects worked well for my one and a half month basketball practicing drill. They are following most of the schedule in initial planning, the enhancement of my three basketball skills, and use of all the learning strategies gained from EDCI335. I mostly followed my schedule for practicing. I planned to do three training for each week and I succeeded in the all the weeks except for last week. This shows that I followed my initial planning, which contributes a lot to my growth. Also, my three skills were evidently enhanced. My shooting percentage went from 40% to 70%, which is an incredible improvement. My layup percentage also stays around 80%, and this rate is very decent for nonprofessional basketball player. Finally, I used most of the good ideas from this class. For example, I used online interactive technology (YouTube) and some other coaches’ blogs to be my guidance in learning basketball. Also, I used each weekly knowledge and tried to apply them in my learning. Therefore, the things went well for my challenge are following the schedules, improving my abilities, and use of different learning strategies.

What didn’t work well

The three things that didn’t go well are injury that occurred unexpectedly, playing pick-up game during my shooting drills, and slacking off training last week. Due to not protecting myself well and over-exercising, my body got tired which can be easily injured. Because of the over-exercise, my left foot got injured during a pick-up game in week 4, which prevented me from performing my best ability during the shoot drill. I should have better self-management and cared more about my limit when practicing basketball. Also, sometimes during my drill, someone asked me to play a pick-up game with them. I mostly did not refuse and start play with them. Even though my daily training plan was completed, it became a waste of time and took me more energy to play a pickup game. In this way, I don’t have much energy in training myself with my original plan after I played the game. Finally, last week, I was a little bit slacking off on the training, so I only trained two days instead of three days as usual. In conclusion, the three things that didn’t go well are injury due to not protected myself wisely, playing pick-up game during training, and slacking off on training last week.

How EDCI335 improve my learning in basketball

EDCI335 improved my learning in basketball by teaching me how to learn. It teaches me what learning is, how people learn, how to design learning, technologies for learning, and assessment of learning. Each weekly section imparts a variety of knowledge to me and inspired me in planning and revising my weekly challenge.

The first week I gained useful theoretical knowledge about what learning is. I learned that with the purpose of mastering a skill, I need to build synapses in the brain to interconnect useful information or data. Consolidation and retrieval could be the top actions I could take when practicing basketball skills, building both muscle and brain memory. The theory of what learning is really inspired me when planning my basketball challenge, so I decided to do repetitions of shooting and layups in my drill, which was 80 3-pointers, 80 jump shots, and 80 layups for each drill in a day. Also, the idea of behaviorism described in Bate’s book influenced me when planning my challenge. He talks about that behaviorist did a demonstration in the lab, showing that “it is possible to reinforce through reward or punishment the association between any particular stimulus or event and a particular behavioral response”.  Then I decided to reward myself with chocolates if I achieve a certain percentage in a shooting drill, which worked very well in keeping me being motivated all the time.

The second week I gained knowledge about how people learn. I got the idea that “learning is changing your mind about something” by watching the video of a guy riding a backward bike. The guy in the video wanted us to learn that we should be careful about how we interpret things, as we are looking at the world with bias. It also shows that the way of integrating new knowledge to old knowledge is a very difficult process.  The same idea to learning basketball, changing my old shooting style to a new shooting form in order to generate higher percentage is a process of changing my mind. I found it very difficult in my one and a half month basketball challenge. Fortunately, I succeeded in increasing my shooting percentage. The riding-a-backward-bike example also shows that people have misconceptions between what they think is and what actually is. After watching that video, I corrected my misconception about shooting, which is jumping off hard doesn’t directly matter with increasing shooting performance. I also applied Bate’s ideas of being agile and trying different ways to learn basketball. I started realize I have to handle changes during training and also read various learning resources in order to improve.

The third week I obtained knowledge about designing learning. The video of Ferris Bueller’s economics teacher shows that sometimes learners will face problems with learning environment. I also realized that simply watching YouTube basketball tutorials is not enough for improvement. I need to use high level cognitive skills to learn shooting and layups. I need to make sure that constructive alignment exists every time when learning occurs. Most importantly, I read articles about blended learning, which is for creating purposeful communities of inquiry. I figured out that in order to apply blended learning of COI and its three presences to my learning in basketball. I should firstly find a group of people who are also willing to learn playing basketball. Then, I actively look for players on the court who frequently shows up in CARSA ball court. I met lots of people who like playing basketball, and we created a group chat and constantly sharing experiences and playing basketball together.

The fourth week I gained knowledge about different technologies of learning. I got an idea that educational technology may not necessary be a good thing by reading two articles talking about a “mind-reading robot tutor” named Knewton. This reminds me of a machine used for improving shooting abilities called Shoot-A-Way. When you shoot a ball, the machine will collect the ball you shoot, and then pass the ball back to you. This is a good example of educational technology that helps players get up more shots in less time. Also, after reading Bates’ chapters, I learned that internet plays a crucially important role in my learning of basketball. He introduced 6 key building blocks for media, which are face-to-face teaching, text, graphics, audio, video, and computing. I found that I used graphics, text, and video to teach myself playing basketball. I can try to apply other methods to train my basketball skills in the future.  

Karen’s learning Korean challenge is really meaningful to me as her blog decoration is decent and her documentation of learning progress is specific. The first thing inspired me is her blog decoration. She posted interesting pictures and had soft background color in her blogs which made me reading her post comfortably. For example, the first picture showed in her blog post #1 is a big red word “Korean” surrounded by a bunch of colorful small Korean characters. Seeing that interesting picture really stirs my interest in reading the rest of her blog. I think the decoration does change my mind. I used to think that it is useless to decorate my blog. But after reading her blog, I feel that it is necessary. Also, she documented her learning progress very well. She took video of herself explaining Korean characters and pronunciation. She posted some results of her notes which use different color pens to highlight different parts. I think she can learn a lot by making a video teaching us Korean as teaching is the best way to learn. Currently I don’t think I already mastered decent shooting and layup skills. Once I master them, I will post videos of myself teaching how to shoot and performing layups as what Karen did in her blog.



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