EDCI339: Blog Post #3

The website named Clickclickclick Colin showed me in Unit 4 surprised me and reminded me of the web crawler, which makes me think that protecting personal information is essential nowadays. Clickclickclick is a surveillance game that keeps track of almost every actions users did on that website. It reviews how much browsers know about me. It is creepy since it has a man’s voice telling me what I was doing on the website, monitoring my action in a vivid way. I tried to open the source code to figure out how this webpage is built. But I can only saw a little part of its JavaScript Code as its main back-end code can’t be retrieved from the browser. The game noticed me that because of the growing technology, personal data privacy requires more intentional protection. The game Clickclickclick also reminded me of the Web Crawler, which is an internet bot that browses the web and visits sites mostly without approval. The Web Crawler can grab information from the web-page, getting personal data and information. There are lots of technical approaches for hackers to get our personal information. Therefore, protecting personal privacy is crucially important at present.

Terms of service are also a lie on the internet. It is often way too long so that people don’t read all of them and just click accept. It sometimes contains a vague description of how the website collects users’data, caused users’ information leakage. In the Turnitin example, one of the terms of use stated that “data and information will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary” (Jesse). However, this term is not considered as “optional for students required to submit their work to Turnitin” (Jesse). Most of the students will not read the whole description of the terms of service. So they will “blindly click ‘agree'” (Jesse). Therefore, most of the terms of service nowadays can mislead users about their true intentions, collecting users’ personal data when users don’ t know.  

As WordPress is classified as an ethical Edtech, I did some research about the WordPress to see how secure it is. An article says that “hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites get hacked” every year (Brian). However, hackers aren’t getting into the core software as the Security team does a great job in fixing the bugs and issue in the core software. Therefore, at the core, it is a secure platform, and it is also one of the most secure website today. (432 words)

Image result for clickclickclick
The Clickclickclick website


A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case Against Turnitin

Is WordPress Secure? Here’s What the Data Says


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