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Erik Yu Self Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Erik Yu, and I am a third-year computer science student at University of Victoria. I am an international student from China and came to Canada on 2016. Since I went to international high school in China where all teachers are English-speakers, I didn’t find it very difficult to get used to living in Victoria in the first year I came here. I like acting. I attended lots of musical shows in different theaters in Victoria. I performed in Death Note Musical at Mcphearson Playhouse a year ago. The character I performed is called Ryuk, which is the most successful character the I have acted.

I was acting Ryuk and holding an apple

I also like playing badminton. However, due to a bad injury of my left leg happened several years ago, I did not play badminton as frequently as before. I like singing. I also like to perform singing on stages. Recently I sang an classic Chinese song called Hand in Hand on the stage of Element Casino Theater for elders from Victoria Chinatown Care Center.

My Favorite Learning Experience

I would like to share my own learning experience about when I was doing a group project in CSC350. The course is talking about computer architecture. The goal for the final project of my group was to build an emulator for Intel 4004 CPU. My task was creating three interesting demo programs for testing if Intel 4004 emulator worked. Since the language used for Intel 4004 is an unique assembly language which I have never seen before. It became a huge obstacle for me to write codes for the demo programs.

Fortunately, I found a youtuber talking about the codings for Intel 4004 in three of his videos. I spent 2 hours watching all three videos. Then, I tried my best to memorize all the syntax and the functions of different instructions. After that, I started coding my first demo program dealing with chip’s memory, which was successfuly done because of my hard working.

However, after the first demo program was done, I felt that I have no clue on how to write my next two demo programs. This was because I thought I almost put all my creativity to my first demo program. Then, I started browsing lots of websites for codings in order to come up with an idea. After a long time, I felt creating two demo program dealing with arithmetic operations would also be a decent way to show how powerful the Intel 4004 is. Finally, I successfully finished my all three demo programs. My groupmates thought my work was well done, and we got an A for the project.

My Basketball Challenge Plan

In the next few weeks when studying this course, my challenge would be improving my basketball skills according to what I learned from EDCI335 this week. The readings I did this week told me that in order to master a skill, I have to build synapses in the brain to interconnect useful information or data. Doing consolidation and retrieval would be the top actions I should take when practicing basketball skills, building both muscle and brain memory. My goal is to improve my overall shooting abilities and three-step layup abilities when playing basketball.

My plan would be practicing basketball for three times a week, containing three parts for each time. With the purpose of improving shooting skills, I need to both practice 3-point shootings and mid-range jump shots. The first part is practicing 3-pointers. I will practice 80 3-point shots in a single drill. The second part is practicing mid-range jump shots. I will also do 80 jump shots for each practicing time. The last but not the least, layup is also a very useful skill in basketball games. I will practice 80 lay-ups in each drill.

I am planning to do three drills for a time, which are 80 3-pointers, 80 mid-range jump shots, as well as 80 three-steps layups. The reason why I am going to do 80 repetitions of actions is because it is doing the job called retrieval. In terms of shooting 3-pointers, I’ll try to score and try to make my muscle memorize the feeling when improving my 3-point skills. In this way, doing 3-pointers for 80 times strengthens the connections between axons through repetitions, which makes improvement in shooting. Practicing layups skill for that number of times also work as an example of retrieval.

The idea of behaviorism described in Bate’s book also influenced me when planning my challenge. He talks about that behaviorist did a demonstration in the lab, showing that “it is possible to reinforce through reward or punishment the association between any particular stimulus or event and a particular behavioral response”. This inspires me that I am capable of being trained to be a great basketball player by rewarding myself when I achieve a certain number of shots out of 80 shots. In this way, I am planning to divide my one 80 shots drill to four 20 shots sub-drills. I will keep shooting 20 shots and count how many shots I make and how many shots I miss. If I make 10/20, I can have a rest and drink some energy drinks or water. If I make 15/20, after the drill, I can feed myself a small piece of chocolate. However, behaviorism also suggested that punishment plays an important part in learning. Therefore, If I make lower than 5/20 shots in a sub-drill, I will punish myself by doing 25 push-ups.

During the time of practicing basketball skills, I’ll be constantly watching Basketball tutorials on Youtube. This is also a demonstration of learning skills by using educational technologies. Since there are tons of useful Youtube videos teaching normal people how to play basketball, I should utilize them to better myself. I will watch basketball coaches teaching their players about how to shoot 3-pointers, make jump shots, and do three-steps layups, in order to improve my own skills in an accelerated speed. I wish my strategy can achieve a huge improvement on my basketball skills after two months!



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  1. So weird I was just watching Death Note 5 minutes ago but haven’t watched it in months. Then your post pops up on the EDCI 335 feed haha. Wow you make a really great Ryuk!! I look forward to reading your posts in the coming weeks.

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